"Friendly Fire is such a misleading name. Every time I try to pet a fire, it bites me!"
— res

Noticed this the other day.

"Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation."
— (via dingyfeathers)

I’m sure I’ve said this many times myself without ever hearing the quote itself. One-mind-theory!

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i would not want to be named bert because every time you made a decision someone would be like are you sherbert

shut up

your name is bert isnt it




will the real slim shady please sit the fuck down i am trying to teach a class here youre distracting the other students

im pretty sure those arent the lyrics


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Horse mask face portrait

We can sell them air - Smith Chips

The beauty of → Journey

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Fern Gully?

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"My theory on reincarnation is that we aren’t whole-ly passed onto the next life - say, you get water in a cup from a bucket, pour it back in, then immediately get another scoop - not every molecule from the last cup is in that next scoop, but it is from the same water, in the same bucket, and who knows how much from the first cup is in the next - that’s how our souls go to the ‘next dimension’, and that bucket is infinite energy with no container."
— res
"Universally, just the doing without the wondering why, gets results. Always plant seeds of positive value, when you are able."
— Res graphics
"My biggest issue when something doesn’t work out is to adopt a victim mentality. Sometimes I believe I am cursed and nothing will ever work out for me. But every time, despite strong evidence to prove that theory, I always manage to turn it around. The best way to overcome this fear of failure, this self-imposed limited thinking and false obstacle is to make manageable changes after taking time to heal. Baby steps forward, one after the after, but definitely forward, and before I know it, I’m flying again. Intention without action is just a dream. #gowiththeflow"
— res